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I am with UTA some 4 years and half: - USELESS: They call some 5-10m after the alarm. The 1st month i got the house, installed alarm, thieves have time to break door, got all laptops, TV. No more thief attempt after i installed cameras. - INCOMPETENCE: After 2 years, the keyboard sometimes beep and sent signal to call center. They tell my smoke system beeping, not want to fix even smoke cant send signal to them. - DISHONEST: I call center to stop service but always receive bills. he tell wrong place to call, bill me 2 new months to pay. Finally I pay for peace of mind but unhappy.
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Universal Telecom Security System
  • He considers customer as idiots
  • Dont know well their product
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incompetent and dishonest

Stay Away

This company said they would fit 4 lines into our new office premises within 2 weeks, also stating the business would be fully functional in terms of lines within this alloted time frame. After the contract was signed we queried the company as to when the lines would be fitted and were told the time frame had changed to 7 weeks before the lines went in. After finding this out, we cancelled the contract within the cooling off period (1 week), nothing has been fitted, and 5G invoiced our businesss for the sum of £20,000 and threatening to take legal action if the payment wasnt made immediately. We told them where they can stick it and they come back with half the bill. We are still refusing payment, and they are still pestering on a weekly basis for a service they couldnt provide following initial promises and we have never received any lines/phones. A complete joke, stay away. Fraudsters.
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Derby, England

Universal Telecom 5G Ridiculous Termination Conditions

Universal Telecom, well known as 5G has contract termination notice of 36 months (!). In case if you give shorter notice, the Termination fee will be: average monthly spend on landline and calls times 36 (in my case it makes £4470) + administration charge of £100. I have to mention that initial contract is usually signed for 12- 24 months with automatic continue unless termination notice is given. Therefore 5G will make 36 months profit from every customer regardless his will to stay with company longer than mentioned in contract. And this only in case if you give notice the same day you signed the contract (!) Sorry guys, but it is non sense
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Call them and tell them that unless they accept a 3 month termination notice that you will go to Ofcom. this worked for me, when we bought a new company we inherited 3 phone lines from this shower and they were charging me £35 per month for something that we did not need or want.

They then messed me around severely over some virtual numbers. Be warned do not get involved with this company, there are loads of other forums out there saying similar things. In effect when you sign with them you should give them 3 years termination notice on the day. Do not wait for your 3 years to be up as they then want 3 years notice effectively tying you in for 6 years.

As this is in the small print they are not really doing anything wrong but it is morally dubious. If you threaten them with Ofcom they will back down.


I was contacted to say that our business now qualified for access to fibre optic broadband and that a service engineer could come out free of charge and assess our system with a view to switching over. Two guys from 5G came out and undertook a survey of the system, confirmed this was possible and at the same time audited my bills and gave me a reduction on charges

It transpires that everything I was told was a lie, they came in under false pretences, we do not have access to fibre optic.

They very cleverly switch your lines (approx 4 days after they have been and before the current provider has been notified) to make it more difficult for you to get out of the contract. There is no cooling off period just a straight three months payment to leave.



Same here. Have left to go to bt as they are cheaper alround.

Had 5g stick an amount on my monthly bills a year ago which I saw and got them to remove (critical care)?!?! No asking just stuck on my monthly bill hoping I wouldn't notice. Lucky for me I have no signed contract with 5g as started years ago with universal telecom and never swooped contacts or resigned. I let things run.

I will go to court to argue my case as they are scamming.

I have my original universal contract which is enough I believe to get me free of them as they have worked outside any contract I have ever signed. :(


We have had the pleasure of 5G Communications Salesmen disguised as Engineers calling to test the lines and offering but call rates and faster broadband, we were lucky enough to have the support of the comapny we were already with to refuse switching the lines etc., but are now being pursued by a debt collection agency for £1500.00 for breach of contract for something we haven't had! We are reporting them to Ofcom as I believe they were investigated back in 2005 for similar practises.


Hi Everyone

I have a friend who has his own company and uses 5G Comms and has been with them for years. When he wanted to leave he was told they would take him to court as he had agreed to take a new service which they had not agree to. They did say they would not take him to court If he signed a new three year contract. This is blackmail. I have my own comms company and I have told him to report 5g to OFCOM. If anyone can move away from 5g and wants to talk to me about moving to my company and not entering into a contract so you can leave at anytime, I would be happy to support you, as the relationship should be based on fairness and trust.


can you please advise on how to get out of a 5G contract?


I took this from 5G's own website

You will notice that NONE of their staff adhere to points 2,5 and 7

Each sales representative is trained to an exceptionally high standard and before they are allowed to engage with customers they attend an intensive training course, at the end of which they are examined. Any person who falls below the high standard demanded by us is not allowed access to customers. Furthermore, our sales staff are provided with a sufficient understanding of our business to be able to properly inform the customer of the services offered and prevent them misleading customers in any way. Using role-play scenarios, we positively discourage misleading selling. Whilst part of the remuneration of our sales staff is generated on a ‘payment by results‘ basis, the construction of the pay plan is such that they would not be paid for contracts that are subsequently found to have been achieved using exploitative or misleading sales practices. Additional topics covered during training include:

·Arrangements for competition in the supply of telecommunications in the United Kingdom.

·The options provided by the company and how these differ from other competitive products.

·The process for ordering the telephone service.

·Relevant principles of consumer protection law.

·The prices charged by the company and its other terms and conditions, including methods of payment, duration of contract and any termination fees.

·The nature and cost of any additional services on offer.

·The process for cancellation both during the initial period and at any time following commencement.


We have been with 5G for 5/6 years when we moved office about 3 years ago we gave notice at the time, we hadn't been told about a 36 month notice. but we now served our 36 month sentence, however they did try and offer me a better deal, but i Still managed to get a better deal with BT.

whoever when I asked for my MAC code and tole them I was off the tone changed, and now they can't find my termination letter and want me to pay a cancellation fee! unless I can find a copy, I guess they know people wouldn't keep emails from 3 years ago!


We seem to have had the same experience as some of you. An 'engineer' came yesterday saying he was checking our telephone system was ok for connecting to the new 21st century network that BT had installed externally.

After the initial look around the office and advising us we were ok, the hard sell came to try and switch us to them. We were considering it as his sales patter was good but as a policy we never purchase from people who came to us without first checking them out.

Once we had said this his approach changed and he became very hard sell promising us to get us out of existing contracts without penalty etc but only if we signed right there and then. After twice having to escort him from the office and locking the door so he couldn't return again we think he got the message !

We have informed the police about the company and the sales approach they are taking as this isn't a good experience and for a smaller office / lone person it could be quite intimidating.

After reading all the above comments now we are very glad we have the policy we do in place.


We were conned in the same way. 5G engineer visit to inspect the phone lines and selling you a contract.

We signed for 2 years in 2010 and I gave 2 years notice one month later as we realized we do not make any savings. The two years will expire in November and we want to switch back to BT but 5G now demanding for Termination fee of £1,450 for another year to make it up to 36 months notice.

I am going to write to Ofcom. Hope if there are enough complaints Ofcom will do something about it.Please people report to Ofcom if yo are in same situation!!!

Ofcom address is published on 5G web under Code of Practice, ha ha, what code they are talking about after doing such rough trading?!?

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